Inner Active Cards for Parts Works 4th Edition (latest edition) – ON SALE NOW!

Since their inception in 2013, Inner Active Cards have proven to be an accessible and effective way to give an image and voice to the sub-personalities within us called Parts. Each Part carries a script and works hard to foster the story line, which may or may not benefit the individual. The 4th Edition boxed set of Inner Active Cards has 75 durable, full-color cards illustrating the inner active life of our Parts in their many roles: From Protectors to Vulnerable parts, Rebels to Managers, Helpers to Bullies, Spiritual guides to Exiles , and more. When used in therapy, either with a therapist or on your own, Inner Active Cards can facilitate conscious awareness, clarity and compassion in both inner and outer worlds, and help make space for the wise council of Self-Leadership, which is available in each of us.

Johnathan Smith Hypnotist - Professional Hypnosis Practitioner

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