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Johnathan Smith is a Professional Hypnosis Practitioner that has been practicing NLP and Hypnosis.  Johnathan Smith has lived in New York for most of his life but then moved to Arizona in 2011.

Johnathan Smith studied integrative hypnosis with over 400+ hours of course study in hypnosis and supervised training. He brings the breadth of his education and experience to his hypnosis practice. He chooses to practice hypnosis due to his love of helping others and seeing results.

In-person sessions are available for fully vaccinated people.
Online sessions are also available.


I meet with clients locally and nationally.

Let’s make your results UNFORGETTABLE!

Johnathan Smith - The Reality Twister

Hypnosis is a natural, deepened state of awareness. Hypnosis benefits people in many ways…

    • Physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
    • Focused attention.
    • Improved autonomic nervous system function.

Hypnotherapy is a guided process which helps people relax (into a parasympathetic state), then focus on resolving an issue or achieving a goal. When calm and clear, a person can process beliefs and behaviors, thoughts and emotions in an effective way. The process helps amend harmful or limiting patterns, activate internal resources and cultivate beneficial practices. It is educational, empowering and pragmatic.

I work with children, teens and adults. My scope of practice includes:

    • Anxiety (General and specific)
    • Asthma
    • Chronic Pain
    • Depression
    • Fear & Phobias
    • Smoking
    • Pain relief / recovery
    • Panic Attacks
    • Stress
    • Migraine
    • Obesity
    • Obsessive Compulsive Thoughts / Behaviors
    • Trauma resolution
    • Thumb Sucking
    • Sleeping Problems / Insomnia
    • Sexual Problems
    • Obsessive Compulsive Thoughts / Behaviors
    • Non-beneficial habits (such as nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking, etc)
    • Self-worth / self-respect / self-care
    • Accomplishing specific goals (such as weight loss, stable / healthy eating, exercise, smoking or alcohol cessation, public speaking, performance, focus / concentration, academic progress, healthy pregnancy / childbirth)

I use multiple forms of hypnotherapy including suggestion therapy, regression and review therapy, mind-body integration, resource anchoring, rewind technique, gestalt, guided imagery and more. I often make a recording for each person to listen to at home, to promote relaxation and deepen progress.


Hypnotic Gastric Band





Hypnosis is most effective when you feel a clear emotionalized desire for specific positive change in your daily life. A question to ask yourself: Am I ready and wanting positive change now? It is also most effective when you feel mutual trust, respect and responsibility with the hypnosis practitioner. Good rapport is essential.

Over your first few visits, you will learn about hypnosis and how this process can help you achieve your goal or resolve your issue(s). We will have detailed conversations, exploring your situation, beliefs, history and readiness for growth. Together, we will write your first suggestion therapy script. Each script is unique to each individual. Then you will engage in the hypnosis process.

Over subsequent visits, you will move forward using various forms of hypnosis, such as suggestion, regression, gestalt, parts and mind-body integration. You will engage in autosuggestion and practice your action steps. When interested, you may learn self-hypnosis to use independently.

Integrative hypnosis often brings rapid, meaningful change and increased vitality. People usually experience progress within 4-6 sessions. People express feeling more calm, clear and at ease. Frequently people experience so much beneficial change in one area, that they return to improve other aspects of their life.


For some people, hypnosis carries an aura of mystery and power. Classic old movies show a hypnotherapist (usually a man in a dark suit) swinging a pendulum, then the person watching the pendulum suddenly drops off into oblivion. Understandably, people are left wondering what really happens. This is a misleading portrayal of the hypnosis process. Hypnosis is a natural, safe, deepened state of awareness with many beneficial characteristics.

The person experiencing hypnotic “trance” is…


    • aware of their surroundings, emotions, words and actions
    • can verbally and physically communicate
    • can easily direct, alter and, or end the hypnosis session
    • can not be externally controlled or compromised
    • can not get trapped in hypnosis

45 minute session: $150 – $250.
75 minute session: $225 – $375.

Sliding Scale based on your income. Honor system.

Payment is due at time of appointment.
Payment via Cash, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.

I do not participate in insurance plans.

Cancellation PolicyPolicy

48 hours is required. If less than 48 hours notice, there is a $75 fee.
Payment is made at the following session.


Yes, Johnathan Smith does offer packages to help you save money.

3 Sessions of 45 minutes: $300 – $600
5 Sessions of 45 minutes: $500 – $1000

Sliding Scale based on your income. Honor system.

Payment via Cash, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.

I do not participate in insurance plans.

Cancellation Policy

48 hours is required. If less than 48 hours notice, it will count as one session used.


Hypnosis is not sleep!

Although the term hypnosis is derived from the Greek word for sleep, as a clinical experience, hypnosis is simply a state of relaxation and focused concentration.

Hypnosis feels a lot like daydreaming, or simply relaxing for a few minutes in your favorite chair after a busy day at work.


This is one of the most common questions about hypnosis. There is so much research to demonstrate the efficacy of hypnosis that it is impossible to list it all here. Research backs hypnosis as a treatment for physical problems such as pain management, IBS and other gastrointestinal difficulties, as well as a demonstrated effective tool to assist with accomplishing personal goals (i.e. test-taking, sports performance enhancement, confidence and self-esteem building, getting over stage fright and public speaking fears), and habit change (quit smoking, lose weight, stop nail biting, etc), and to help us relax (manage stress, overcome fears), as well as to increase intimacy, improve communication, and manage emotions such as anger, depression or anxiety.


93% Success rate. One meta-analysis of hypnosis research studies suggests extremely high success rate (93% success rate over fewer sessions then talking therapies).


This is another popular question about hypnosis. There are three primary reasons hypnosis is so effective:

First, hypnosis teaches you skills to become aware of your body’s physical response to stimuli, so you can handle it. In a way, it is similar to biofeedback.

Second, hypnosis is a pathway to learning. Our subconscious mind has probably learned many negative behaviors over the years that can be re-learned during hypnosis. For example, after 20 years of smoking you have essentially trained yourself to light up after each meal. Or, when eating dinner out, you have been trained to eat all of your food, even though the portions are double the dietary guidelines. These destructive learning patterns can be relearned (healthy retraining of the subconscious) in the process of hypnosis.

Third, our hypnosis programs create accountability and help you to attain goals and feel supported in your decisions for change. Our well-qualified director is a skilled therapist, personal fitness trainer and certified clinical hypnotherapist.

There are many other reasons hypnosis is so effective, and you will find your visit to be a professional learning experience that teaches you new skills to unlock new ways to live life.


No. Hypnosis is a natural phenomena that occurs in everyone’s life on a daily basis, even though we might not recognize it as such.

It is similar to the first five minutes of sleep, where you know you could open your eyes and get up, but it feels so good you simply choose not to – or when you get in your car after work and drive the 30 minutes home, and then wonder if you actually stopped at all the stoplights along the way.

In life we are either highly alert, asleep, or somewhere in the middle; there is nowhere else for the brain to go. While it is true that in the process of clinical hypnosis we will alter the level of high alertness to a more relaxed pace, this is not a “6th dimension” or some magical place or out of body experience or any such strange thing. It is simply relaxation, something you are capable of experiencing at any time.


Hypnosis is a totally natural state; it is safe, effective and has no side effects.

We have a natural ability to use our mind to create healthy bodies and make healthy decisions.

I can think of no religion that does not want us to use natural, safe, and effective methods of problem resolution to make our lives better.

It is important to realize that all “trance” phenomena or characteristics of hypnosis occur all the time. In ordinary life, we use the creative part of the mind, we accomplish tasks by utilizing the subconscious learnings of our mind, and we experience states of relaxation. In clinical hypnosis, we are simply using the ordinary mental processes of the subconscious mind in a systemic way to solve problems that are destructive in life.

Perhaps the confusion on this issue comes because some religious groups use trance for meditation or attaining “spiritual enlightenment,” but because a religious application of the methods of hypnosis can be utilized, does not make hypnosis a religious act.

Some people, who do not truly understand the nature of clinical hypnosis, are opposed to “opening the mind” or “turning the mind” over to outside forces. In hypnosis you are always fully aware, and never are you “‘controlled” by another. These beliefs come from a misunderstanding of what hypnosis is, probably based on Hollywood myths.

Johnathan Smith does not offer enlightenment training, help people recover repressed memories, charm snakes, find “past lives” or any other religious or non-clinical application of hypnosis not accepted by the medical and clinical community. Johnathan Smith does provide structured direct suggestion and the tools necessary to live life to its fullest.

Its simply use the natural functions of concentration, relaxation, and the natural abilities of our subconscious mind to resolve difficulties that have caused us problems in life. This is something any healthy religion would actually encourage people to do.


My goal is to help you meet your desired goals as quickly as possible, so you can get on with your new healthy, happy life. You will usually be scheduled for 1-3 sessions, and most people respond well to hypnosis in the first one.

Our professional office is conducive to relaxation, and your sense of comfort is one of our greatest concerns. If you’ve ever been to a counseling, therapy or psychology office, you’ll notice the surroundings are fairly similar, But we can also do this at your location.

When you start you will sit in a comfortable chair and discuss your goals with Johnathan Smith. Once the two of you agree on the subjects to be addressed during the session, then Johnathan Smith will then guide you through a relaxing process of creative problem solving and education.

The lights may be dimmed but they are always on, and although most people find it easiest to relax with their eyes closed, you can open your eyes at any time you wish.


There are few risks in hypnosis, a process the Mayo Clinic calls “benign.” Although a very small percentage of people report feeling ‘groggy’ after a session (sometimes referred to as a “hypnotic hangover”), the majority of people report feeling invigorated, energetic, relaxed and happy.

If you are being treated with psychotropic medications or have certain psychiatric diagnoses, you will want to share this with Johnathan Smith, but hypnosis in generally viewed as a safe process with no side effects.


No. All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis; a hypnotist merely guides you into your own experience of relaxation.

A good analogy is that of the hypnotist sitting in the passenger seat of a car, reading map directions to the driver (the client). The driver can listen and follow the suggestions given by the passenger, or they can choose to go their own way, because the driver is always in control.

A person who is hypnotized can awaken themselves at any time, and the hypnotist cannot make someone do something that they otherwise would not want to do.

Those who fear that the hypnotist has some kind of “magical” power or “mind control” ability simply do not understand how the mind works. These concepts are myths, not realities, in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. Although the results may seem amazing or miraculous, there is truly nothing ‘mystical’ about hypnosis.


Johnathan Smith will release no information about our clients or their sessions to anyone without the client’s express written permission.

We treat your information just as any doctor’s office would – with strict confidentiality.


Johnathan Smith’s hypnosis sessions were truly life-changing for me. I sought help to overcome my anxiety around cats.

With Mr. Smith’s expertise and compassion, I found the strength to let go of the past and conquer my fears.

Highly recommended for anyone seeking positive change.

Today’s Hypnosis session with Johnathan Smith was focused on my fear of spiders. The session was gentle and effective! I already feel more at ease when faced or thinking about spiders.  Grateful for the positive change this session has brought into my life – Lily

Today’s hypnosis session with Johnathan Smith helped me manage my stress levels effectively. The session was gentle yet powerful, providing me with practical tools to cope with stress. I already feel more in control and balanced. Thank you, Johnathan!  – Michael

Stress had been a constant companion in my life. Today’s hypnosis session with Johnathan Smith was transformative. The session provided me with a sense of relaxation and mental clarity. I’m now better equipped to face life’s challenges. Grateful for Johnathan’s guidance. – Sophie

My experience with hypnosis by Johnathan Smith was nothing short of transformative. In just one session, I felt a sense of clarity and peace I hadn’t experienced in years. My persistent smoking habit was a constant struggle, but after the session, the desire to smoke vanished. My outlook on life has drastically improved, and I can’t thank Johnathan enough. – David

For years, I battled a crippling fear of public speaking. It was limiting my professional growth. After one hypnosis session with Johnathan Smith, I felt an incredible shift in my confidence and abilities. I recently gave a successful presentation, something I thought was impossible before. Johnathan’s expertise in hypnosis truly made a difference. – Daniel

Today’s hypnosis session with Johnathan Smith helped me address my panic attacks. The session was gentle and effective, providing me with coping mechanisms to manage my anxiety better. I already feel more at ease during stressful situations. Grateful for this positive change. – Olivia


Experience the power of professional hypnosis that will leave you with a smile. Choose our services for real results and allow us to help you relax, manage stress, overcome fears, and improve various aspects of your life. Whether you’re looking to increase intimacy, improve communication, or manage emotions such as anger, depression, or anxiety, we have the expertise to guide you towards positive change. Contact us today at 520-HYPNO4U and expect a personal reply within 24 hours. Discover the transformative benefits of hypnosis—call now.

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Certified Hypnotist from Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy, International Certification Board Of Coaches and Hypnotists and National Guild Of Hypnotists




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