Johnathan Smith is a Professional Hypnosis Practitioner that has been practicing NLP and Hypnosis.  Johnathan Smith has lived in New York for most of his life but then moved to Arizona in 2011. Johnathan Smith is a true certified hypnotist and opened his hypnosis center to help others.

Johnathan Smith studied integrative hypnosis with over 400+ hours of course study in hypnosis and supervised training. He brings the breadth of his education and experience to his hypnosis practice. He chooses to practice hypnosis due to his love of helping others and seeing results

Is hypnosis right for your? At Johnathan Smith's Hypnosis Center, We create a costom hypnosis program that is tailor-made specifically for you. The way you would learn to correct a problem is completely different then somebody else who has the same problem.

Johnathan Smith's Hypnosis Center is changing lives but changing minds. If you are looking for a change you need to come to Johnathan Smith's Hypnosis Center.

Let's make your results UNFORGETTABLE!

Sign up now for your free 30 minute zoom strategy session and I''ll explain how I can help you become more successful and overcome whatever challenges are troubling you right now.

Johnathan Smith - The Reality Twister
Johnathan Smith Hypnotist - Professional Hypnosis Practitioner

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